Netgear R9000 wireless router setup

Setting up the connection between the netgear router setup and the computer device
The initial setup of a connection between the router and the computer device is much necessary as it is impossible to configure the router without the prior connection in between the router and the computer system.
There are basically three ways of setting up the connection between the router and the computer system. These are mentioned below.

  • Connection through the WPS button (Wireless)
  • Ethernet cable connection (RJ45/LAN cable)
  • Connecting through Wi-Fi (Wireless)

WPS mode of connection

The WPS is the Wi-Fi protected setup for connecting the router to the computer device. Through this method, the user can simply press the WPS button given on the back of the router and get their networking device connected to the computer system.

Advantages of WPS mode of connection

WPS mode enables the user to connect the router to the computer device within a fraction of second.
The WPS mode of connection is the most secure wireless connection.
Even the users with less or none experience of setting up the router can also connect their router to the computer system through this WPS mode.

Ethernet cable connection (LAN cable)

Yet another method of connecting your router to the computer system is through the Ethernet cable. Follow the guide described below so that you don’t have to face any hassle while connecting your router to the computer device.

  • Connect the modem to the WAN port of the router through an Ethernet cable.
  • Similarly, connect your laptop or desktop computer to the Netgear router through another Ethernet cable (RJ45) cable.
  • Switch on the power supply of the adapter and wait for the indicator panel to get stable.
  • The internet and network settings icon in the bottom taskbar of the PC will show a clean computer icon indicating the successful connection to the Netgear router network.

The connection of the router to the computer over Wi-Fi

Netgear R9000 wireless
The connection between your Netgear wireless router and the computer system can also be established through the Wi-Fi compatibility between the devices.

  • Open your Netgear wireless router from its factory packaging and assemble all the important components like the power supply adapter etc.
  • Switch on the power supply from the wall socket of your home or office.
  • Now, head straight towards the wireless networks section in the bottom right portion of your PC and click it.
  • On selecting the wireless network section, you will see the list of available wireless networks, click the Netgear wireless router’s SSID.
  • Assuming that you are using your Netgear router for the first time, just double-click or select and connect your computer to this wireless network.

Important note

It is very important to note that the above-mentioned methods of connection are solely for the purpose of getting your router/modem connected to your computer device. The rest of the configuration still needs to be done so that the high-speed data and internet transmission over the wireless or wired network can be done.

Configuring the Netgear wireless router through

  • After you have successfully set up a stable and secure connection between the router and computer, you will surely need to configure the router for serving the data transmitted over the network.
  • Open the web browser of your PC and access the web address after authorizing it with a username and the password.
  • The by default values for most of the Netgear wireless routers and modems are “admin” and “password” respectively.
  • The login credentials are case sensitive. After accessing the admin page of the router, click on the internet WAN tab and select the appropriate connection type.
  • Follow the rest of the instructions on the screen to successfully set up your Netgear wireless router for an Internet connection.

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